Manufacturing Capabilities

In partnership with leading industry PWB manufacturers, VYTECK can provide standard and Quick Turn delivery of PWBs as listed below.  Please contact us for details on Standard, Advanced, and New Technology (Development) capabilities.

Complete Solutions Provider:
1-5 Day Lead Times  (Quick Turns)
Pre-Production Ramp 2-10 Days
10-15 Days Standard Lead Times

Rapid Response Support:

24 Hour Customer Service
2   Hours Quotation Response
Comprehensive DFM Analysis

Low Cost Integrated Offshore
Manufacturing Solutions
Seamless Transfer Offshore
2-36 Layer Technology
Includes Flex//Rigid Flex

ISO Certified 9001:2000
IPC 6012 Class I, II, III
UL Registered
ITAR Registered M22617

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Layer Count:  2-36
Line Widths & Spaces:  3/3
Aspect Ratio's:  14:1
Smallest Drilled Via .0061"
Micro Via--Blind or Buried Via Structures
Sequential Lamination (3x)
Via In Pad
Panel Sizes:  12 x 18, 18 x 24, 21 x 24
Min. Panel Thickness:  .018"
Max. Panel Thickness:  .250"

Approved Materials:
Isola FR406, FR408, 370HR, IS410, Getek, Polyimide
Ventec VT-47, VT-48
Nelco 4000-6, 4000-29, 4000-13
Rogers 4003, 4350, 4450

Approved Surface Finishes
Immersion Tin
Immersion Gold
Immersion Silver
Hard Gold
Entek 106A Organic

Approved Data Formats:
Gerber RS-274-X
Gerber RS-274-D
IPC-356-A Netlist
IPC-D-356 Netlist
Fab Drawings PDF, HPGL-1 & 2, Gerber, DXF