Motor Drives

VYTECK's Engineers have extensive experience with Motor Drive designs for PM Brushless DC Motors for various applications in the field of military and commercial avionics.  Design features of the motor drives are listed below:

  • Motor current levels : up to 150A
  • Voltage levels:           28Vdc-350Vdc
  • PWM Frequency:        15KHz - 30KHz
  • Topologies:                 1-phase Full Bridge- 3-phase Bridge
  • Power Switches:         IGBTs, Power MOSFETs
  • Controllers:                 Position, Velocity, and Torque
  • Energy Control:           4 Quadrant Drives and Shunt Regulators
  • Sensors:                     Resolvers, LVDTs,  Hall Position, Hall Current, Optocouplers, Magnetic Couplers, and Current Shunts